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Insurance and Reimbursement Information Healthcare – YMABSConnect

Dedicated Y-mAbs Connect case managers can provide insurance and reimbursement information

Case managers can conduct a benefits investigation to help understand your patient’s insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs for DANYELZA.

Case managers can work with your patient’s insurer to determine PA requirements and track the progress of the PA outcome.

Helpful resource for prior authorization:

If your patient’s PA is denied, case managers can work with your patient’s insurer to determine the requirements for an appeal and track progress of an/the appeals submission.

Helpful resources for appeals:

The Y-mAbs FRM is your liaison to Y-mAbs Connect in matters related to insurance and reimbursement.

The FRM can answer any relevant questions prior to and along the benefits investigation, PA, and appeals process. Any billing, coding, and reimbursement-related questions can also be directed towards the FRM.

Call Y-mAbs Connect at 1-833-33Y-MABS ( 1-833-339-6227), option 2 and ask to be connected to an FRM.

Resources that may be helpful for navigating the reimbursement process:

To speak to a case manager, call 1-833-33Y-MABS (1-833-339-6227) and choose option 2. Case managers are available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM ET

Note: Completing and returning an enrollment form does not require a commitment to prescribe or order DANYELZA.